Your Frequently Asked Questions are Answered Here

Why is my deposit non-refundable?
This is necessary to cover payments that will have been made by Magic Island Photography Tours to secure your accommodation, transport, entry fees and administration.
Cancellations must be made in writing to
What equipment should I take on the tour?
DSLR cameras recommended, or any point and shoot with manual options is required to get the best out of this photographic experience and the included workshops. However, you will still get excellent shots with fully auto cameras or even your iphone. It is up to you and depends on how serious you are about your photography.

A standard 35mm lens is a must. You don't have to have the following but we highly recommend:
wide angle lens – excellent for landscape/seascape
zoom lens – great for getting close up when you can't physically get close
tripod – essential fro time exposure, we cover this in our workshops
camera bag – essential for transporting and protecting your camera equipment safely and easily while travelling.
remote / cable for time exposure – its ok if you don't have this but it eliminates the possibility of camera shake and resulting blur. Cables are relatively cheap and can be purchased at>>>>. Remotes cost a bit more and are well worth the ,omey if you want to include yourself in the shots, want to set >>>> or explore light painting.
Off camera flash – some of the places we go you will want extra lighting. The flash on your camera is ok but with off camera flashes you can position your lighting from the sides. We will teach you more about this on the tour. We also explore 2nd curtain flash effects, perfect for …
Torch – necessary to see settings on many cameras, find other equipment, make your way in the dark or low light, and for light painting. I recommend you bring more than one. I carry at least 2 small LED pen lights.
Battery charger – a must to keep your camera batteries charged.
extra batteries – whether your camera takes a specialised battery or AA batteries, its always wise to carry a charged and ready to go spare. Nothing more frustrating that running out of power half way through a shoot.
SD or other memory cards – I prefer to shoot in HD, resulting in some very large file sizes. I can delete the bad, and resize any I need to to smaller dimensions, but you can not upsize from small file sizes and maintain the quality. Nothing worse than taking a golden shot only to find that when you go to print, you are limited to a very small output when you wanted it as poster. Always take more than you need, I typically travel with 6 SD cards.
What clothes should I take?
Pack light! Every time I pack way too much. All you need is:
  • 1 pair of shorts you can move easily in.
  • 2 t-shirts.
  • a sarong is handy & doubles as a towel, you can buy one there.
  • 1 x thongs/flipflops.
  • 1 x runners or light weight hiking shoes. Be prepared to walk through water, mud, climb, etc. 
  • swimmers / bathers, goggles, flippers, snorkel (you can hire from locals for approx $10 a day).
  • 1 x hat that offers sun protection, won't blow off & will not interfere with your ability to photograph.
  • sunscreen: 50+ waterproof is good. Buy it before you go, sunscreen is very expensive in Bali.
  • Reef shoes: waterproof, rubber soled, flexible shoes are handy and if you have them, bring them! They will save your feet on some of our tours, for example, the canyons are traversed with bare feet. Most shoes or thongs are no good here but reef shoes are perfect. 

Keep your personal effects light & to a minimum. Ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" If the answer is maybe or no, leave it behind. You'll be glad you did. Heavy bags are not fun to cart around, even just from baggage pick-up to the taxi.

You will buy clothes there, you ust will. They are light weight and cheap. So leave some room for extras on your return home.

Do I need a Visa?
Yes you do, well most times. It just depends on if it is required at that time. But its a very easy one to get. As you pass through customs at Denpasar airport you will be asked to buy it there. Just show your passport and pay the Visa fee (approx $35USD). You can pay using a dredit or debit card - check with your bank regarding fees when overseas.
*This amount can change, please check before you travel.
**You may also be required to pay an exit tax when leaving Bali. Again, you just pay as you pass through customs.
Do I need Insurance?
Yes. You must have full comprehensive travel insurance to participate in our tours. I suggest you consider insurance that covers your health if anything should go wrong, equipment for loss and damages, your flight in case of delays and or cancellations, for riding a moped or scooter - even if you don't think you will now, it's a very handy and cheap way to get around. Hint: If you hire a scooter, you can ask for a helmet. Check with your insurance agency if you require an Australian motorbike license to be covered.